Cookie policy

What are the cookies and why are they necessary to visit this website?

ROYALE SRL, owner of the processing of personal data, informs that this website uses cookies in order to make its services the most efficient and simple to use. So, when you visit the website, a minimum quantity of info is inserted in the user?s device, as little text files called ?cookies?, that are saved in the directory of user?s Web browser. Many kinds of cookies exist, but the main purpose of a cookie is to make the website work much more efficaciously and enable specific functionality.

The cookies are used to improve the global web surfing of the user.

In particular:
They allow to web surf in an efficient way from a page to another one of the Website.
They save the user name and the preferences inserted.
They allow to avoid to insert the same info (like user name and password) several times during the visit.
They measure the usage of services by the users to optimize the web surfing experience and the services themselves.
They present advertising information focused on the interests and the behaviour showed by the user during the websurfing.

Many types of cookies exist. You can find below all types of cookies that can be used in the website with a description of the purpose related to their use.

Technical cookies

This type of cookie are necessary for the correct operation of some web site area. This type of cookies consist of both persistent cookies and session cookies. Some of the cookies used in our shop have a greater duration than session cookies (and therefore are called ?persistent cookies?). If lack of technical cookies, the website or some part of this could not work correctly. Therefore they are always used regardless of user preferences. The cookies of this type are always sent by our domain.

Analytical cookies
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service supplied by Google, Inc. Google Analytics use analytical cookies to collect information regarding the website use. The owner uses this information for statistical analysis, to improve the website and semplify the use, as well as to monitor its correct functioning. This type of cookie collects info in an anonymous shape about the activity of users in the website and about the modality in which they are arrived to the website and the visited pages. The cookies of this category are sent by the website itself or by third parties domains.

Cookies for detection by third parties
Cookies of this type are used to collect information regarding the use of the website by visitors, the keywords used to reach the site, the websites visited and the origins of traffic from which visitors come for marketing campaigns. The owner can use this information to compile reports and improve the website. Cookies collect information in anonymously. Cookies of this type are sent by the website itself or by domains external to this website known as third party cookies.

Cookies for integration of third parties functionality
This type of cookie are used to complete third parties functionality in the website (for example forms for the comments or icons of social network that allow visitors to share the content of the website). The cookies of this category can be sent by partner websites domains or by sites that offer the functionalities present in the website.

ROYALE SRL specify that it is not required to ask your users approval for the technical cookie, because they are strictly necessary for the supply of the service.

Regarding the other types of cookies, the consent can be expressed by the user, in conformity to the existing norms, by specifical configuration of the browser and computer programs or softwares that are of easy and fair use for the user. With regard to this, ROYALE SRL, owner of the processing, remind to the user that is possible to modify the preferences related to cookie in any moment. It is also possible to disable in any moment the cookies from the browser, but this operation could impede the use of some areas of the website.
Moreover ROYALE SRL does not respond on behalf of third parties websites.

The website could use also the remarketing instrument of Google Adwords. This tool allows to publish targeted advertisements based on the user visit to our website. For this reason, some pages of website enclose a determined code, ?remarketing code?. This code allows to read and to set up the cookies of browser in order to determine which type of advertisement you are displaying, in relation to your visit to website (for example the circuit of websurfing chosen, the pages visited or the actions made inside them). The lists of remarketing created in this way are conserved in a database of GOOGLE servers in which you can conserve all ID of cookies associated to any list or category of interests. The information collected let us identify only the browser, since GOOGLE with this information is not able to identify the user.

To have more info regarding the GOOGLE remarketing it is possible to visit the page: hl=it&ref_topic=2677326 To have more information regarding rules and principles GOOGLE for the Privacy it is possible to visit the page:

The authorization to collect and to archive the data can be revoked in any moment. The user can disable the use of cookies by GOOGLE by specifical options of different browsers settings. You can find below a little guide to the disabling of cookies on the most used browsers.

Open Firefox
Push the key ALT on the keyboard
In the toolbar placed in the top part of browser, select TOOLS
and successively OPTIONS.
Select the sheet PRIVACY
. Deselect ACCEPT COOKIES FROM WEBSITES and save the preferences.

Internet Explorer:
Open Internet Explorer
Click on key TOOLS and then on INTERNET OPTIONS
Select PRIVACY SHEET and move the slider on level of privacy
that you want to set up (in direction of the top to block all the cookies or to down to accept all of them).
Click on OK.

Google Chrome:
Open Google Chrome
Click on icon TOOLS
Select SETTINGS and successively ADVANCED TOOLS
In the sheet COOKIES it is possible to disable the cookies and save the preferences.

Open Safari
Select PREFERENCES in the toolbar and then select the dashboard SECURITY from the dialogue window that appears
In the section ACCEPT COOKIE it is possible to specify if and when SAFARI must save the cookies from websites. For other information click on the key for support, indicated by a question mark.
To have more info regarding cookies that are saved on the PC, click on SHOW COOKIES.

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