A romantic thinker talked about "matter" as a "spiritual sleep".
And it is this hidden force, this passive, but absolute power, that the Materia collection seeks to express. The plasticity of the lines and movement gives way to more natural shapes, brutal and soft at the same time, which bring to mind the roughness of parched soil with their biscuit effect and the restless, polished and sparkling calmness of the sea with the completely glazed version. The entirely hand-made production takes on a primary role, resulting in that meeting which is only possible in art: between earth and man, between a gift freely given and a commitment to work, just as occurs in a kitchen.

Materia is a celebration between art and food.

Like in architecture, but also in nature, it is only the union of different elements to guarantee the final balance.
This harmony exists also in the mis-en-place and this collection, in particular, wants to offer to chefs original and stylish solutions to complete the service.
Some items are inspired by natural shapes or by objects of our daily life, and always give a touch of novelty to the table; some other items combine a modern and chic design to the functionality during the usage, as you can find for example in the slender lines of the creamers, glazed internally, but mat outside.

Items of Elementi collection, taken individually or as parts of a total set, are born to amuse and strike always a chord with their audacious immediacy.

Silk, like porcelain, has been so much appreciated and desired in Europe, thanks to its features and exoticism, that it is considered a luxury goods until today. And it is exactly by this precious woven that this line is inspired. Like the hems of a polished foulard, the rims softly fall on each other, transmitting the lightness, the brilliance and the pleasantness to touch of the "wool yielded by forests", as nicknamed by Pliny The Elder.
Each model is available both in a glazed and shiny version and in the matt, unglazed texture.

Seta exhalt, among its gentle pleats, the magnificence of every creation, involving us in an experience of the senses that becomes overwhelming and all-embracing.

Our routine is marked every day by often repetitive gestures which define a ritual. Some gestures some actions break the routines arousing unique sensations.
Azioni wants to provoke these unusual emotions, through the interaction between plate, object and gestures.
The vision of the line can be exemplified in the items Azioni 1 whose idea come from the action of a child that after dinner "licks the plate" spontaneously.
These actions instinctively bring us back to the childish dimension of the meal, highlighting its most playful aspect, arousing in the guests surprise and curiosity, pointing out the meaning behind these unexpected, spontaneous and witty gestures.

The uniqueness of each of our objects

therefore flanks the uniqueness of each creation
by the chef and it is only this striving towards
harmony between the plate and the course,
the container and the contents,
which evokes a sweet emotion
when we go to the table,
enveloping us in a unique sensory experience.

The Diva collection is the real hidden treasure of the Royale« production dedicated to the luxury section. As detached and fascinating as a star on stage, Diva has a brilliant texture, where the rough biscuit effect and the magnificence of crystalline join and enchant immediately. The items meet each other like the pearls of an identical necklace, offering chefs extraordinary blank canvases from which to choose the most suitable for their personal inspiration. The shapes are delicate and light, but also confident and voluptuous; sweetness and passion, modesty and pride mingle with sinuous curves.

Impossible not to be charmed.

The inspiration for a customisable plate came from the chefs, who were looking for a plate which would allow them to express their creative flair in almost infinite combinations of shapes and decorations. Each plate in this production line is not only hand-made, but also decorated with different art techniques. Arte has a na´f and rustic appearance, be it Primitivist or with a Nordic look, with brown or green tones, or Mediterranean and merry, with blue tones, or abstract and formal with black ones. The shapes of this line take us back to a family and intimate dimension, to a food conviviality which is almost as old as humanity.

However, despite its historical and artisan air, which make it perfect for locations such as castles or a high-level agritourism, the contemporary design of this line makes it appealing even to the most modern restaurants and is ideal for all colour combinations, from the most daring and sensual, to the more formal and elegant.

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